RS 3040 Premium 4x4

Remove old lawns as easy as lawn mowing

With the new RSS3040 Premium 4x4 you get a powerful turfcutter for the removal of old lawn. With its all-wheel drive, the operator is always available with 100% of driving force even in difficult slopes or hard ground.

An improved depth adjustment of the knives allows a depth of up to 6 cm below the grass color. Also, the position of the handlebar and the foot pedal was revised. This facilitates the guiding of the machine, as well as the lifting of the knives.

In order to give the operator even more security, the drive of the knives only operates in the cutting direction. And to ensure safe working on slopes, the RSS3040 Premium 4x4 is optionally available with wider tires.

The Subaru-Robin EX17 is responsible for the additional power of the Rasensoden cutter, which with its 4.2 kW (6 hp) ensures a vibration-free and powerful drive via the V-belt clutch. With its black design, it also gives the device a more impressive look.

Product details

Technical specifications

Engine Subaru-Robin EX17 with 4,2 kW (6 hp)
Drive All wheels drive (Coupling with V-belt)
Travel drive 2 Working gears and neutral
Cut Width 30 cm, depth up to 60 mm

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