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With the RoboFlail vario 25, we are adding a 25 HP mower crawler to our product range. For the first time, Rapid attachments can also be attached to the PTO shaft via an adapter socket.

This means that the crawler can be used for mulching work with the proven humus mulcher or the Rapid flail mower, as well as for mowing and clearing hard-to-reach areas with the wide-track mower and Multi Twister. In addition, the Uni power harrow and the reverse tiller can be attached to the RoboFlail vario 25.

Due to the limitation to 25 hp, a diesel particle filter is not required, but the PTO shaft guarantees optimum power transmission without any loss of power for the attachment.

The track widening of the running gear from 133 cm to 175 cm guarantees even better traction and thus enables optimum stability on slopes.

Product details

Technical specifications

Engine Water-cooled Yanmar diesel engine
Tank 30 litres
Speed Stepless speed adjustment
Power lift Kat 1 for standard attachments up to approx. 350 kg
Mower drive Mechanical via power take-off shaft 750 rpm left hand side
Traction drive Hydrostatic via two pumps with two wheel motors (zero turning circle) with storage brakes
Drive Active spherical roller drive
Control Remote control 433 MHZ Transmission power < 10 mW
  Range approx. 300 m
  Forward/backward and right/left
  driving speed, slope driving function
  Motor start/stop and speed
  Lower link relief
  Raising/lowering the implement
length / width / height 170 / 133 to 175 / 120 cm

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The RoboFlail vario 25 with track widening of the chassis and various attachments.

Demonstration of device

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