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Intelligent solutions for the care of green areas


Timesaving systems

KommTek offers semi, or fully automated lawn care systems. Remotely controlled Embankment mowers or automatic intensive care for Lawns.

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Zero turn

Power mowing with SCAG

A good lawnmower helps the grass grow thicker. Experience the SCAG Mowers, with or without grass collectors. With on-the-spot turning technology.

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Work efficiently

Special gadgets

Discover how we make your work easier with individual systems for every purpose. Work the ground the way you want to... - No cutbacks!

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Distribution partner

Find your local dealer

Here you can find companies and trading partners who sell our products. Are you a service provider or local dealer? Would you like to become a partner in our Intelligent solutions network? We offer innovative solutions for our customers.

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See our products in action

One of Kommteks principles is “That the glove must fit the hand” Thats why we love to demostrate our machines right there where you have to work. That way, we ensure that you enjoy (get the fun out of) using our products.